Secured payment options.

Extra features for online casinos thru Bola168

Online casinos are now becoming a big hit, thanks to the convenience and added security that the websites are integrating on their gaming platforms. As a new user, you have the liberty of understanding the different features and security measures of the different online casino sites, so that you can have an informed decision before you start playing.

Security features

  • Security protocols. An added security feature on the online casino site is the secure connection protocol. You would be able to see that once you connect to the website, and there would also be a pop up window where the website would detect what IP address you’re using.
  • The payment registration page has online security markings that you would see and notice once you register your credit card or debit card. You may be able to see if these features are available by looking up the words Bola168 and checking the different search results.

Online customer support agents

  • Sometimes if we are a new user, we get confused on how to go about navigating the website and would be needing some real time assistance. It is a good feature for the online casino site to have some form of a live chat support to help out the users when this happens.
  • Also, as a new user, you may have some questions along the way when playing a card game. In the middle of the game, it is a good feature to have if you can chat with a live support agent so that you can ask your questions along the way.

Easy payment options

This is different from the online payment options in the sense that this pertains to the user being paid for his winnings. Please check if the site can easily transfer the payment out to your bank account.